Flint Tech Always On

Never feel like there's room for error.


In this day and age, nothing grinds productivity to a halt quite like the phrase, “The Wi-Fi is down.” Most small businesses can’t afford that disruption, especially if it’s frequent. 

Flint Always On is our signature internet backup service for connected devices. When your internet provider has a blip, Flint Always On keeps your sales kiosks running, your point of sale machines functioning, your emails flowing, and your web services connected. Always On also provides live information for inventory and sales tracking.

Your business might benefit from Flint Always On if:

  • Your internet connection frequently disrupted and/or you experience prolonged connection drops
  • Wi-Fi inconsistency is hurting employees’ engagement and productivity
  • You require reliable internet to deliver your services and products

This technology exists to avoid disruption.

Get connected and experience peace of mind.

The world of information technology evolves quickly and constantly. With the right systems, well-managed IT can supercharge an enterprise. 

If you’re ready to leave the technology battlefield and get back to work, you’re in the right place.

Your Process:

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  2. Consultation at your location
  3. Receive a customized proposal, complete with equipment recommendations
  4. Installation
  5. Regular maintenance
  6. Call us if you need us
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