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Whether the story begins with a hacked account, a network failure, or a printer with a vendetta, every small business leader has survived bone-chilling tech nightmares they wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Flint Tech Solutions provides comprehensive IT management for small businesses with better things to do than clean up a hard drive. We make it our business to combat phishing, computer viruses, and hackers. We tackle locked accounts, error messages, network issues, and weak WiFi. If you’re burnt out on technology management, let Flint Tech Solutions take it all off your hands so you can get back to business.


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Strategic information technology management for small businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh


You’re a business owner, not an IT manager. If you’re ready to take IT off your plate so you can get back to serving customers and scaling your business, let Flint Tech take IT off your to-do list.

We provide regular maintenance to prevent all kinds of problems with hardware, software, and digital security. We upkeep warranties, replace parts, and equip you with systems that cooperate with each other. We save our clients hours on the phone, countless trips to the appliance store, and money wasted on incompatible products.


We have the knowledge and expertise to handle hardware and software, cyber security, property surveillance, maintenance, warranty upkeep, and more. Using systems that fit together seamlessly, we can provide for all your business’s digital needs.


The virtual world evolves at a mindblowing pace. Between hacker innovation, user error, natural disasters, and more, it’s impossible to eliminate all risks in an IT solution. Our strategic plans reduce the risk of IT disasters by up to 80%. And when something does go wrong, we show up, on-site, to restore everything as fast as we can.


We provide all the tech support you need, for everyone you serve

Our solutions are curated with small businesses in mind. 

While large and mid-market businesses have the financial and human resources to invest in their own IT department, Flint Tech offers small businesses the luxury of personal, customized, local services that honor your budget and put your team first.


You don’t need to be a corporate giant to take IT off your plate. Small businesses can enjoy headache-free, secure, comprehensive IT management, right now. We specialize in helping small business owners feel at-ease taking IT management off their plates

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"Ken and Flint Tech Solutions was wonderful! Ken arrived promptly and went about his business in a professional manner. He was knowledgeable about our project and finished in a timely manner without difficulty. It was great doing business with Flint and we will use their services again, guaranteed!" - Maria

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We partner with multiple brands to help eleviate pain points and bring efficiencies to the work force. Whether it’s set up or troubleshooting, our knowledge can tackle the most complex situations.

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The world of information technology evolves quickly and constantly. With the right systems, well-managed IT can supercharge an enterprise. 

If you’re ready to leave the technology battlefield and get back to work, you’re in the right place.

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