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Our Origin Story

Before establishing Flint Technology Services in 2013, CEO Ken Barrett worked for a major telecommunications company. Over and over, he saw firsthand the struggles of small business owners who wore every hat, including “tech support.” 

The entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford an in-house IT department became regulars at Ken’s store. Ken would solve their recurring IT nightmares, but it all felt like a bandaid approach.

When he left the corporate world to start a business of his own, Ken set out to make sustainable, consistent IT support accessible to small business owners. That’s how Flint Tech came to be.

At FTS, we have the audacity to believe that efficient, streamlined, headache-free IT systems are not just for corporate giants. 

Mission: To enable small businesses to harness technology and leverage it for their success.

Why US

We don’t just provide IT repairs and “this should hold you for now” solutions to get you through the week. We come to you and provide custom maintenance plans, network plans, gear, and installation. Our project assistance initiatives implement new software, security cameras, wireless networks, cable and TV installation. 

Our partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, various cloud services, and other vendors provide your company with the resources you need to keep things running efficiently.


Once we understand your particular needs within your market, we match you up with the technology companies whose services will benefit your team. We’ve vetted several different partners for their features, advantages, and benefits. Flint Tech has relationships with Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, Acronis, Bitdefender, and more. We make sure that your company can leverage the knowledge and insight gathered by these tech giants since their inception. 

From procurement to support installation, and from configurations to new ideas, our network of partners gives our small business clients a powerful technological advantage.

Core Values


We leave everyone better off than they were before meeting us.


We strive to be honorable and ethical at all times.


We treat others the way we want to be treated.


When confronted with obstacles, we don't give up until we've exhausted every option.


We never stop learning or growing.

Get connected and experience peace of mind.

The world of information technology evolves quickly and constantly. With the right systems, well-managed IT can supercharge an enterprise. 

If you’re ready to leave the technology battlefield and get back to work, you’re in the right place.

Your Process:

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  2. Consultation at your location
  3. Receive a customized proposal, complete with equipment recommendations
  4. Installation
  5. Regular maintenance
  6. Call us if you need us
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