Who We Are.

At Flint Tech Solutions, we’re dedicated to delivering the best technologies to help you overcome your business challenges. Whether you’re struggling with managing your in-house technology, or are looking to innovate your business processes and dispense with outdated hardware and software, we can help. Our experts are committed to delivering the highest level of service, and if you’re not 100% satisfied then neither are we.

It’s probably the most common question we get about the company; “what does ‘Flint’ mean?”

In the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, chapter 50, we hear from the Servant of God. He speaks of seeking to help others, of wanting to help them, even when it hurts, and of being fully equipped by God to do so. In verse 7 of this chapter, the Servant declares that he has set his “face like a flint”, and He knows that He will not be ashamed in His endeavors.

He will succeed.

This passage is talking about Jesus Christ, and as Ken Barrett read it, the passion behind it burned in his heart, and he recognized his own God-given desire to seek out the underserved, to ensure they get what they need. His determination to do so has caused him to set his face to the task like that hard, sharp stone, flint, which not only points a direction with its edge, but provides a spark too.

In his office, Flint Tech Solutions founder and CEO Ken Barrett has a framed poster of the ultimate underdog story; Rocky. It fits well, as this underdog started FTS out of his home in 2013, and with the encouragement and support of his wife, handled tech, sales, and marketing single-handedly.

Who would have imagined that such humble beginnings would lead to a company which today has team members in 6 different countries, yet amazingly, still retains the service attitude of an SMB in caring for each client like they are the only client in the world, setting their faces like flint to serve them!

Ken’s extensive history in the corporate setting showed him something that he knew was an enemy of good business, and that was how SMBs who needed help would typically only get a bandage for their broken part, but since no aid beyond that was offered, they’d inevitably return to have that same wound bandaged again and again, wasting time and money.

Ken bravely walked away from that secure corporate position, knowing that there needed to be a company which did more than apply a bandage. A company that would offer ideas and technology transformative of the entire business culture, leading to positive holistic change. In other words, the goal of Flint Tech Solutions was, is, and will remain, to help you…



Our Team

Ken Barrett

CEO & Founder of Flint Tech Solutions