Design and development 

Serve your best product in a cumbersome way and it won’t matter how awesome it is, nobody’s gonna buy it. Serve that same dish in a beautiful high-function setting with Intelligent SEO and Social Media and the people will come running. With FTS you’ll get an effective website that meshes layout and functionality to best scale your business.

What we do

We help you serve your brand to your public in the most attractive, effective, and flexible designs possible. Simple, Creative & Multipurpose tailored to your Business!


Web Design

Leverage our talented team of designers to frame your brand in a setting that excels at both form and function, catching your customers’ eye and holding it, encouraging their interaction

Brand Identity

Firm up your Brand Identity to communicate your trustworthiness as a company and help consumers to remember you when they are in need. It takes time to cultivate, and we’ll walk you through the process

Web Development

Flint knows coding. Our development teams are detail oriented, constantly learning new approaches, and shockingly efficient when it comes to creating. Your site will do what you need in the simplest way possible, making your customer visits simple

Our Skills

Let’s perfect your interface with the world

Creativity and productivity work hand-in-hand in our environment, and you’ll receive the benefits while improving your visitors’ online experience, encouraging them to stay longer and spend more.

Web design, web development, social media creation and management, Ad services, digital marketing, promotions, branding, copywriting, illustrations…due to our unique business model, we offer a wide range of procedures to help you own your market share.

  • Branding – 90%
  • UX Research – 77%
  • Interface Design – 85%

You are who we want to serve through our digital creative service solutions. You’ve got plans and dreams and we’re the company that’s going to support you in making this happen.