Threat Protection

The increasing number of cyberthreats requires a full-time approach to protection. If you don’t have a cyberthreat division, it’s time for you to gain one. With our Threat Protection services, it’s like adding an entire security division to your company. Read on…

Flint knows threat detection, and can function as your security arm, overseeing your communications, data storage, and processes. With us, you can

Your team and your clients are counting on you to keep them safe, and we want your front line to be as impenetrable as the 1970s Steelers “Steel Curtain”! You are responsible for doing your best to defend your company from attacks, and we’ll help you design the exact package you need. Building a robust defense with you is what we are all about. Some of our basic solutions help you

Continuously monitor the security of your machines, networks, and Azure services using hundreds of built-in security assessments or create your own. Use actionable security recommendations to remediate issues before they can be exploited. Enable adaptive threat protections to reduce exposure to attacks. Block malware and other unwanted code by applying application controls adapted to your specific workloads and powered by machine learning. Enable just-in-time, controlled access to management ports on Azure VMs to drastically reduce surface area exposed to brute force and other network attacks. Use advanced analytics and the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to get an edge over evolving cyber attacks. Leverage built-in behavioral analytics and machine learning to identify attacks and zero-day exploits. Monitor networks, machines, and cloud services for incoming attacks and post-breach activity. Streamline investigation with interactive tools and contextual threat intelligence.

Detect, protect, recover. It’s a full-time job and unless you have a committed CISO, you cannot provide the level of threat protection for your company that we can offer you. Contact us to find out how to gain protection. See that chat button over there to the right, at the bottom of the page? Your protection package is just a click away.