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Security Operations Services

Security is important for companies of all sizes. However, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are especially at risk. Threat actors typically target SMBs because they’re less likely to have a strong security posture. What’s more, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission found that 60% of SMBs that experience a cyberattack close within six months.

Proactively protect your hard-earned business with strong Security Operations. Flint Tech security operations services include a variety of solutions which allow you to obtain insights into the threats your business is facing. We offer detection and incident management which will give you peace of mind, and our experts are passionate about protecting your business. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed security operations center or supplemental services, we can fulfill those needs and make a customized plan suited to your business.

We adhere to security industry standards to ensure your business is a large step ahead of threats. We minimize your vulnerabilities working together with you to create the perfect plan. Our options include:


Protecting your business is essential to long-term success. Threat actors continue to increase in number and complexity. Implementing a security operations protection plan can help your company respond to security incidents faster and reduce recovery costs. We provide 24×7 monitoring and monthly vulnerability scanning. Our blue team is ready any time to help you eliminate threats to your people, intellectual property (IP), and technology.


Why do you need cybersecurity? Once installed, malware often runs for months before being detected. During that time, it collects sensitive data, including IP and personally identifiable information. This is a huge costly problem and can squeeze the life out of a small business. In the Healthcare industry, malware data collection can lead to heavy fines as sensitive information is exposed. With our ongoing monitoring and detection solution, these threat actors can be identified and remediated before they impact your business.


Having monitoring and detection tools is essential to security operations, but you also need experts in place who are equipped to respond appropriately. We’re able to not only remediate in real time, but also future proof your security posture with additional processes and technology to improve your organizational resilience.


We also provide you the next step which is recovery. Having a recovery solution in place ensures that your data can be restored, even if your company has become the victim of a malicious cybersecurity attack via phishing or ransomware, and We will help you recover your information in minutes rather than in months. We want to make cybersecurity a breeze for you and are very proud of our around the clock maintenance and care for your small business.

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