Relocation Installations

Plan your next move with the help of expert movers and eliminate the pain

We Carry the Weight for You

Relocating an office or a business can be a dreadful and expensive task. It involves setting up your IT infrastructure all over again while trying to keep the downtime as low as possible. The longer your network stays down, the more loss you’d be incurring. Relocation does not only mean moving one thing from one place to another- sometimes you may also need to modify and upgrade a part or replace it entirely. Flint Tech Solutions is here to take all those worries away and help you move without any hassle.

We’re here to help you

Our swift and experienced moving experts are well up-to-date with everything there is to know about relocation. To begin with, we will assess your business to understand your needs, talk with you about your requirements, and evaluate all aspects of your relocation to plan and design your project. Our expertise includes the implementation of data and voice alongside fiber optics cabling to set up your network in your new location.

You’re Safe with Us

Rest assured, because we take into account everything regarding your move! This includes looking into the layout of the new facility’s structure and where each employee will sit. Now that we have a clear grasp on the new location’s architectural drawings, we’ll then set up the workspaces according to their preference and comfort. We assist in planning cable deployment, positions of server rooms, and also provide advice on how you can improve your telecommunications followed by implementing the changes you approve.

When you move, you remember that every staff member needs their desktops, laptops, and telephones correctly placed and synced so that they are usable immediately. We ensure that any server or critical infrastructure you have will be safely moved, installed and tested so that no harm is done to your valuable equipment or time. Any IP changes will also be managed to ensure that you get full operational connectivity right away.

We also help in deploying new technology and installing them, so basically, any changes you bring in to your infrastructure will be assisted by us. Our other services include configuring your Wi-Fi, relocating your data center, and setting up a help-desk support.

Another important sector of the relocating process is getting rid of all the devices you don’t need anymore. We provide “e-scrapping” which means we will properly discard and deactivate any piece of equipment you don’t have any use for. This way, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of decommissioning your technology in an environmental-friendly way- just leave it to Flint Tech Solutions to take care of it all!