Network Installations

You look and all you see is spaghetti, with no idea what it’s doing, but you know it’s your responsibility to network your team…somehow. What is a network anyway? Call us to help establish your.

Let’s Network!

A network is a group of computers, peripherals, mainframes, servers, network devices, and/or other devices connected wirelessly or by wired means, for easy transfer of data. Network installation is a complicated sector of IT infrastructure. No, it does not mean connecting two desktops with a piece of cable, it actually refers to the huge array of IT devices you have to connect over LANs and WANs if you are thinking about setting up a business network.

Flint Tech Solutions has all the network installation services you need to set up a reliable and robust network. We will walk you through our pre-installation checklist, exploring and defining your true needs (# of users, onsite vs. remote connections, # of necessary licenses, cabling vs. wireless routing, and a whole lot of other deep technical aspects), reckoning for your security and power supplies, and establishing your support system.

Your installation will be installed by our properly licensed and experienced installation team. We make sure every installation is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions; therefore you can rest assured that your installation will be eligible to receive an extended manufacturer warranty.


Your Network is Your Business Nervous System

The human body is controlled by the brain, via messages sent over an amazing nervous system. Some of these messages are autonomic, like the beating of the heart, while others are manually controlled, like talking (for most of us 🙂 ). Your company network fulfills a similar function, when healthy. We will nurture and strengthen your business nervous system to build a body that is vibrant and bursting with energy and capability!

Vitality, stability, flexibility, and security,  we’ve got a network installation package plan for your business. Ask us about it!