Modern Workspace & Productivity

You’re a passionate leader, willing to crawl over broken glass to get the job done, but if you’ll optimize the workspace of your team so that they don’t have to crawl over that glass, they’ll give you greater productivity than ever before. Streamline their ability to do what you ask of them, and they’ll streamline your path to success. Let’s get started.

Does the shoe fit?

You know that process of trying on shoes before buying a new pair? You can wear any shoe and walk, but a shoe too large leaves you looking like a 3 year old in his dad’s loafer, stumbling with every step, and a shoe too small means you’ll wince in pain with every step, and at the end of the day, you’ll bleed. Buy the right shoe and you can stand, walk, run, jump, all day long! The right technologies for your business mean a comfortable flexibility, and encouragement to do more. It means a mind not distracted by pain or clunkiness, it means a strategic and sharp focus on the job at hand. Isn’t that what you’re paying to get? Shouldn’t you stop working against it?

The Best Fit for the Best Work

The Mobile Office tech offered by Cloud computing on an Azure platform means each of your team members can have the most digitally ergonomic setup possible for the job they do. Imagine, the ability to mobilize exactly the right Office version, security settings, collaborative team, ecommerce ability, and email automation, not only by department, but by desk, and modifiable at a moment’s notice! It is the wisest economic choice by every scale to Modernize your workspace.

Flint Tech Solutions has a comprehensive set of procedures and tools used for securing and empowering employee use of smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices on wireless networks. In addition to taking care of security concerns, a well thought out EMM strategy encourages employees to be more efficient by supplying them with the tools needed to execute job-related tasks on mobile devices.

The digital version of the modern workspace is your business culture lynchpin, anchoring a whole new and improved workplace.