IT Managed Solutions

Leverage a Flint Tech Solutions Specialist to Manage the Distractions from Your Growth, Turning Them Into Growth Catalysts Instead!

You’re so good at so many things that it’s natural to want to handle it all. However, don’t have your business reflect “jack of all trades, master of none” to your customers when you can have a master of some aspect of what you do come in and do it for you, showing the world that in your hands, everything is handled.

Get yourself an expert team in Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, DevOps/App Support, or any other digital solution, functioning like an extended member of your staff. You set the goals, we manage the process 24/7, but keep you in the loop with regular reporting according to your schedule.

Do you have a trained IT specialist on call 24 hours a day? Do you have someone whose only focus is keeping your data safe? Do you have a team devoted to getting your name out on the Internet in front of new customers all the time, and actively seeking out anyone who even mentions your line of work to put y

Sooner or later, you’ll need to move, add, or change your server, a computer network, or firewall. Sure, your cousin Joe might know how that’s supposed to happen, but unless his career revolves around that, it’s a risk for you and him.

Our strategic partnerships give us the massive Azure Cloud platform, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 to offer you as a base of many of your digital cyber solutions, and our highly trained team of technicians has an extensive background in field services and logistics to make your project managed solution a breeze.

You don’t have the time to keep up with that. So maximize your use of those who have both the time and the experience.

Engage Your Customers!

Retain the experts to handle those ongoing tasks which are already a burden for you, and discover a new horizon of time, ideas, and implementations to excite your customer base! Your special project is just what your customers need to finally get you, so we’ll handle bringing it to life for you, while you work with them.

Empower Your Employees!

You started your business to do one thing. Everything else you do should support that one thing. Free your team to do what they do best by bringing us in to handle support and special projects. Remove the demoralizing burden of insecurity your employee feels when tasked to do something he or she wasn’t hired to do.

Transform Your Products and Services!

The term is M.A.C. When you need something Moved, Added, or Changed in your product or equipment line, office, or database, let our experts do it for you faster. Months of disarray and lost business will cost you far more (money, client goodwill, general stress) than a Flint Tech Solutions Managed Solutions agreement, and when you scale your business through the help of experts, you’re able to maximize the newest products immediately.

Optimize Your Operations!

You wouldn’t hire a brain surgeon to do your landscaping, you’d hire a landscaper. Hire tech specialists to handle your digital needs, because it’s more cost efficient and simply works better. You’ve experienced the frustrations involved at home when you upgrade your operating system. If you allow that frustration to strike your business when the time comes for a necessary upgrade to some digital system, you’ll throw money and morale into the fire, and who knows how long the negative effects of that will hurt your brand.

Managed Services For Profitability

Network Installations

Desktop & Mobility Management

Hosting Management

Hybrid Cloud

The Era of Hybrid Cloud and Managed Services

More than ever before, customers are looking to a single trusted advisor to not only transform IT but also transform their entire business.

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