News of major info breaches breaks almost weekly, but you can’t give up your Mobile Office without falling behind, and your Cloud network has become indispensable. This makes a requirement of the highest order. We’ll help you protect yours with the best tools in the business!


In Flint, you have a team who understands that the weakest link in the security chain is among the people using it. Everyone has that careless moment. Unfortunately, a careless moment in information protection could mean unimaginable pain for someone. Help us to set you up with protocols that work with your business goals to offset even that one, careless moment, and lock down the data that your customers have entrusted to you. Our strategic business partnerships mean putting the power of Microsoft Office 365 and all its rapidly developing security features to use for you. We’ll help teach your team to follow Best Practices.


  • Data Encryption; the security travels with the data
  • Multi-factor security authentication
  • Hybrid firewalls
  • Machine learning and A.I.
  • Custom communications networking
  • Cloud backup
  • App protection, BitLocker, Selective Wipe, Blockchain
  • Custom reporting and alerts for your data
  • Comprehensive visibility to how employees are using Cloud


Our goal is to help you do business better, so we’ll do as much as you’ll allow in helping your team develop. We’ll teach better practice, install and instruct in better technology, and support you as the new, improved routine becomes second nature. You’ll enjoy a number of automated solutions which help form a safety net for your data, and our disaster recovery systems mean the shortest possible time to full return from a breach of any sort.

Today, right now, we all exist as storehouses of digital information. As people, our finances, our journeys, our social media, all of it exists as a set of digital files, and they are worth protecting. When we send data, and especially when we handle someone else’s data, we need to exercise the greatest care. This is what Flint offers you. The greatest care. Click the chat button and ask us about the plan we have for you!