A major part of your cyber security defense is identity access management Unless you are aware and in control of every person who can access your infrastructure, you aren’t truly in control of anything

It’s the opening gambit of nearly every major and minor crime story in movie and television history for a reason; it’s a reflection of reality. Someone pretends to be someone else in order to gain access to a treasure trove, whether money or data, and succeeds. Your trove is a target, and wisdom dictates that you maintain clear control over who can access it at any given time, in any given manner. We will provide you with the tools you need to control exactly who can access your data, to know when they do it, and to control their level of access with just a keystroke.

Your options for Identity and Access Management are strong. Biometric signature, multi-factor authentication, Common Identity, Microsoft Intune, A.I. and Machine Learning, automated reregistration, Azure AD…for the independent, SMB, or Enterprise business, we can help design the protective package for you.

Join with Flint Tech Solutions to employ a custom protective package designed specifically for your company to empower you in the monotoring and control over exactly who accesses your IT system at any given time, and in exactly what they can do there. When you assign a team to a project, you need to be aware of the resources that team is using, and able to provide more when necessary. We’ll provide the software which makes that possible.

You need to take control of your department, your company, if you want to succeed. A major part of this is assigning tasks, setting priorities, and awareness of who can do what. We’ll help you make this happen.