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Hi, I’m Mark Brown, CMO for Flint Tech Solutions, very excited about our upcoming rebranding! Our great services will remain but expand, plus we’ll be debuting a new website shortly, and that’s where you come in.

I need content writers! We are personally invested in helping folks stay abreast of the newest moves in the tech and digital business strategies that move our world daily, and to offer that and bolster our own digital marketing efforts, we want to have a blog that becomes a daily destination for anyone interested in technology, marketing, and communication.

Digital business, digital marketing, digital transformation, Cloud computing, cybersecurity, social media marketing, marketing automation, DevOps, app development, all these and more are services we provide.

We need a wide array of voices representing these fields. If you don’t believe tech is your thing, don’t be afraid to think creatively. We already have a lawyer providing insights on how our lives are legally affected by the changes around us, two of our technicians are writing through their own eyes on tech (I think “Jason’s Garage”, a column detailing Jason’s ongoing creations literally from his garage, is going to wow you), my contributions will focus more on marketing and communications, and product reviews are another avenue we’d like to offer since we provide hardware too. White papers and other lead generators are, of course, always welcome!

You’ve got a lens through which you both view the world and express yourself about it. We’d like to see it and pay you for it.

If this is a venture that fits in your lane of travel, get in touch with me for the details! If you’re curious about whether this might be a fit for you, get in touch! Look at our current website to get an idea of who Flint is, what we’re about, and why we feel confident in our plans of becoming a player in the tech/business solutions field.

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