Facebook breached, 50 million affected

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Facebook breached, 50 million affected

“Facebook on Friday said an attack on its computer network led to the exposure of information from nearly 50 million of its users. The company discovered the breach earlier this week, finding that attackers had exploited a feature in Facebook’s code that allowed them to take over user accounts. Facebook fixed the vulnerability and notified law enforcement officials.”


These breaches aren’t a surprise anymore. Literally almost every week we learn of some major company, some million (billion!) dollar firm which, despite its amazing assets, has had its security breached, and the information of trusted clients/users compromised.

Stop thinking it can’t happen to you, stop thinking your company is too small to attract attention. The simple fact is that if a billion dollar company, with literal MOUNDS of money devoted to security can be hacked, you stand little chance against the actors involved.

Unless you employ a team of certified and experienced defense professionals, who are backed by a billion dollar company, but free to implement the newest safeguards without the fear of responding to stockholders. You need a team committed to not only detection and defense, but also backup and renewal.

Since most breaches influence companies for months before detection, and once your information is compromised it becomes truly life-changing to reset your information and recover (if you can) your identity and that of the clients who trusted you, the key lies in early detection, segregation, and elimination.

That is what we offer.