Artifical Intelligence as a software characteristic has been in your life for some time. It’s what allows your browser to offer suggestions as you search. It’s human capabilities amplified to serve your growth. A.I. allows your system to recognize things visually, to make decisions, to instantly translate languages, and to make decisions.

Forbes.com offers this great look at A.I., and at Flint, we are pleased to be able to put it to work in your installations, another way to allow you to focus on your primary goal; growth!


Machine Learning examines large amounts of data looking for patterns, then generates
code that lets you recognize those patterns in new data. Your applications can use this generated code to make better predictions. In other words, machine learning can help you create smarter applications.

We’re pleased to engage you with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, a fully-managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics solutions in a remarkably simple drag-and-drop environment. Optimize your IoT, and get it free with your authorized Microsoft account!

Learn Machine Learning from the best!

Take this opportunity to learn about Machine Learning by downloading this free paper from Microsoft which will help you see why M. L. might be exactly the solution you need!

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