Flint Tech partners with ContentMX to present Odo, the most awesome content sharing platform ever!

If your team is too busy or too inexperienced to manage your marketing, get excited because ContentMX and FlintTech have joined forces to offer you this unique storytelling platform that ensures your company or local franchise is sharing well-crafted content on a regular basis and growing your influence!

Allow me to introduce you to our newest tool for your success, Odo; a storytelling platform that is Prescriptive, Automated, Personalized, and grows your business. (Hit us up right now to find out how it can help your business grow!)


Often, franchises fail to leverage the power of sharing regularly with their community, the information they do share is inaccurate, or isn’t compelling.  Help your franchises share your story by providing them with a marketing automation solution that is content first and foolproof to use!

With Odo, you simply log in, select where you want that day’s media to be shared, click the share button, and enjoy the feedback from your customers! If you prefer the automated route, set it up once to perform those steps and it becomes a marketer for you, posting what you want, where you want it, without you lifting a finger! Watch this short video to see how simple it is to post, using LinkedIn as an example;

With a content and media management program like Odo, partners have reported the following results:

  • A 225% increase in sales leads;
  • Annual revenue attribute of 40%; and
  • Improved relationships and engagement with prospects.

Odo is localized yet ensures corporate branding, can be automated as we produce content for you to share whenever you’re ready, or easily managed by the franchise to personalize the messaging even more.

Any way you choose, this new storytelling marketing platform will help your franchises stay noticed and engaged with their customers leading to increased revenue. It’s Odo, say it with me…

Oh, dough!”

This is the most flexible and simplest content sharing platform I’ve ever seen! – Ken Barrett, Flint Tech Solutions CEO

Odo helps make you an expert marketer. Get in touch with us now at info@flinttech.com, or use the chat right other there on the right. Put this powerful, flexible, and simple platform to work for your company, and grow your company!

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