Digital Marketing Versus Social Media: What’s the Difference?

Do you believe that getting involved in social networks sites or social media is all there is when it comes to Digital Marketing? Well, you’re not exactly 100% right, but you aren’t wrong either because there are several elements that build up to make a Digital Marketing campaign on social media. To break it down, social media is just another accessible channel of digital marketing. You can date back Digital Marketing to the age of TV and Radio. In fact, it existed among us for almost a century!

Read on to understand the notable differences between digital marketing and social media.

How Do You Define Digital Marketing and Social Media?

Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing are NOT synonyms of each other. In case of Social Media Marketing, you could promote, advertise and create awareness of a product, brand or service only using the social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

However, with the help of Digital Marketing, you can promote, advertise and create awareness through all the available digital channels. In other words, Digital Marketing is advertising any products or services through electronic devices. These channels could include offline marketing channels like TV, radio or SMS, and in addition, internet channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and so on.

Now that you know the differences in terms of definitions, it should be a bit clearer how social media marketing is a part of Digital Marketing benefitting from the virtue of the internet.

Where do these campaigns take place?

Ranging from TV, radio, mobile phones, computers or even telephones, Digital Marketing has paved its way throughout all digital platforms. Digital Marketing can take place almost on any digital platforms. While Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, is limited to social media platforms only. Hence, every internet marketing, involving social media marketing is digital marketing.

Does Digital Marketing Have A Specific Audience?

Remember the 4Ps of Marketing Mix? “People” from one of those 4Ps refer to the audience in case of Digital Marketing. After all, Digital Marketing is marketing at the end of the day. Never assume that digital marketing is for a large number of people since it’s mostly on social media and nowadays, everyone has access to social media. Even though a majority of people are using social media these days, do not forget about the substantial figure who is not on it because of their own reasons.

When you’re running a business, it’s your duty to reach out to your target audience. Since some of your target audience is not on social media, they must be using other digital platforms. Hence, the beauty of Digital Marketing strategies lies in this. It will not segregate the ones who are not social media users, reaching out to them via other digital platforms.

How Engaging Can Digital Marketing Be from Social Media Marketing?

Did you know that among all the digital marketing platforms, social media is the only platform that allows direct engagement with users? Since Social Media itself is a part of Digital Marketing, consider the likes, comments and reactions you receive when you upload a content. Don’t you think that’s a direct exchange of information with followers that instigates them to share their reactions? Of course, it is! Your followers will only react or comment on a post if it creates some sort of emotion in them.

Now if you’re thinking about how you can track the engagement in offline marketing platforms, that can be bit tough, but definitely not impossible! But with the right strategies and tools, that is also feasible. With redirected domains, shortened URLs, discounted codes, custom landing pages and observations on direct traffic in Google Analytics, you can track your offline digital marketing strategies. Again, coming back to the engagement of your content, one pro tip for your business’s digital marketing would be to ensure that the content that you have created is relevant, subtle and marketing, social media, customer satisfaction

What About the Different Types of Marketing Strategies That They Talk About?

There are a lot of strategies that you can think of when you want to expand your marketing strategies digitally. Starting from TV, radio, mobile phones and the internet, there are many creative ways you can make content to create awareness among your followers. Stay assured that digital marketing strategies are highly focused on reaching your audience on whichever digital marketing platforms you choose to create awareness on.

On the other hand, if you see Social Media Marketing, it will only focus on how they can attract the followers that are only on social media, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. In both these mediums, all you need to ensure is how creative your content is and which one speaks and listens the most from their followers. Depending on that, you can suit your strategies the best!

How Fast Can My Message Reach My Audience?

Among all other platforms in digital marketing, social media beats the record of reaching your audience in a heartbeat. Different from other platforms, social media is 24/7 connected from your business to your fanbase. Think of your content going viral. It takes one click and a few seconds for your content to reach thousands of people that convey your message. While the non-internet digital platforms such as TV, radio or SMS involve a lengthy process of reaching your audience and is considered to be unsuitable for instant promotion. Some of those digital platforms might be expensive too!

Digital Marketing vs. Social Media

Once you have finished reading the above, by now you must have understood that social media is a key component of Digital Marketing. Comparing this two side by side, we can conclude that:

  • Besides social media, digital marketing platforms goes an extra mile, reaching your target audience via offline platforms. To recall, a typical Digital Marketing campaign involves TV, radio, SMS, mobile phone ads, etc., while a social media marketing involves social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


  • Additionally, think of social media, think of social networking sites. In tune, create content and promote it through social media, where the role of digital marketing comes in fueled by the internet.

Which is more important? Digital Marketing or Social Media?

Before we can answer this question, another question arises on top of that. What type of brand, services or products are you going to promote? It might sound a little unrealistic but there have been cases where other forms of digital marketing were more suitable to build awareness among the public rather than social media. Although, there is no doubt that social media is an essential for every brand, product or service with a huge fanbase.

Take the example of a software company. You might be wondering how digital marketing or social media can help in promoting this software. Here’s the catch! The software company can simply make use of Twitter to help create awareness about their new software, updates and upcoming releases. On a different note, they could make use of Facebook to handle their customer’s queries via Facebook Messenger. In addition, they can also make content to educate their existing customers about their software via Facebook. Therefore, social media is a creative way of selling your products, services and brand in many different ways. It outstands your company image as well.

Speaking of Digital Marketing, suppose a company is selling custom tools for farmers, they can make use of social media as a source to gather more information about their products to set a competitive price, but their main selling point would be billboard ads or community radio ads in rural areas.

In Conclusion

Before you implement any of these strategies, you must understand the different Digital Marketing theories. It’s the alpha of marketing that might be the difference between your success and failure. In fact, it is the future of the marketing world and will eventually gain more popularity in the online and offline platforms.

On the contrary, social media is an innovative way to connect with other people from all over the world and being a part of Digital Marketing, it is sure to change the way we look at products. Just know the important differences between marketing theories and you are good to go making the most out of your Digital marketing campaigns!



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