8 Digital Marketing Platforms Entrepreneurs Love

Congratulations on launching your startup! Now that you have reached this far, you should be placing your brand in front of every single eye possible. There might be a hundred other launches, selling the same product as you, so what makes you stand out? Everyday consumers are bombarded with the same kind of generic marketing messages. Although you should be working to create a unique image for your brand, don’t stop there! You must simultaneously look for popular digital marketing platforms to market your brand.

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Undeniably, social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to publicize your startup that will leave an impact on your audience. Not only that, it’s a platform that allows your brand to grow by offering an easier way for promotion and customer services.

Here are 8 affordable and valuable digital marketing tips and tricks for your startup, that are heavily recommended by entrepreneurs.

  1. Facebook

Most digital marketers use Facebook to advertise for their clients. In fact, Facebook is the most favourite platform of digital marketers because of its grainy targeting ability to find the perfect target market. Facebook is the only platform that allows such in-depth marketing capabilities. By 2018, Facebook has counted to have 1.9 billion users, 75% of whom spend more than 20 minutes on Facebook every single day! It’s the best platform to reach Millennials and Generation X (ages 18 – 49) as it has been accounted that they spend over 7 hours a week on social media. With the constant improvements to its algorithm, Facebook is becoming more and more user-friendly that gives a better user experience.

  1. LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn is highly customizable? As a digital marketer, you can target your buyer persona as its unique features allow you to target your ad towards a person’s profession instead of making it available for a group of people, unlike Facebook. With almost a monthly user of 106 million, typical LinkedIn marketers are less likely to use other social networks. That’s because the new Lead Accelerator tool enables lead nurturing for marketers to show their ads only to the people who are targeted at the right time (depending on where they are buying and what they are buying). There, LinkedIn is very organized with their ad campaign strategy and optimizes the best way to move towards their targeted audience. LinkedIn has been accounted to help numerous companies all over the US by decreasing their costs-per-lead and increase their transfer rates by 50%.

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is increasingly gaining its popularity and there’s no way you can embrace digital marketing without the use of Google AdWords. Whatever you learn from Google AdWords campaign will help you tackle your campaigns well on other digital marketing platforms. Google AdWords is an incredibly powerful advertising platform that you can use easily to almost every type of business. Don’t insist yourself on comparing Facebook Ads to Google Display Network because they are two similar platforms and show should be used in harmony, not in opposition.

  1. Instagram

Whether you believe it or not but Instagram has paved its way to the best advertising platform for sales. Instagram is all about influential marketing. Once you have your product and know your market, Instagram will help you target the suitable audience and increase your engagement. Plus, all the other platforms will require you to spend on huge ad budgets while you get very little in return. Out of 600 million unique users, 53% of them follow brands, whereby 90% of them are below 35 years of age. There you go! This is an amazing platform if you want to target the millennials.

  1. Quora

Whenever you type and search a question on Google, there are high chances that the first few results that appear are likely to be from Quora. That’s what Quora is all about! This question-answer social media platform is easy to navigate, making it a great way for companies to create a network with the industry influencers and boost their company’s image. Marketers use this platform to gain a reputation as a skillful industry expert by answering relevant questions that were posted by users. Not only that, they connect with other people in their space who can help them with word-of-mouth marketing about their brand. Just so you know, Quora has 190 million users monthly – and it’s growing more than ever. They launched their ad features in 2016, but only for a limited number of advertisers. If you combine Facebook and Google through remarketing, this will go a long way to fulfill your marketing needs.

  1. Twitter

How can we not mention about Twitter! Digital Marketers love it because of its ridiculously easy growth with so less effort. Since not many people are on Twitter, hence, it allows you to connect with the most influential people all around the world. Take advantage of Twitter Ads for letting your brand grow with the most influential people in your space. Twitter will give you the same visibility that you are looking for, but with a better return on your investments.

  1. Reddit

If you have heard about Reddit and never thought of it as a digital marketing platform, it’s high time you start considering it as one. Why? Reddit is digital marketers one of the best-kept secrets. With over 250 million users, this content-based social platform runs entirely on its user’s activities. Sounds strange, right? The user’s activities are separated precisely into content communities known as “subreddits”, where the users themselves can post their own content and “upvote” or “downvote” another people’s post to make it appear in a higher or lower place on the trending list. And there lies your advantage! Upvote your sponsored posts that turn up in different subreddits for effective branding for your own brand. This makes it easier for you to interact with potential consumers of your brand.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is on its way to achieving its position among the well-established social media platforms. It is said that people on Pinterest are 10% more likely to make online purchases via e-commerce than other social media users. From 18 – 64-year-old, Pinterest offers a huge collection of over 5,000 interests and categories that allows digital advertisers to be more specific, obvious and niche. You’d be surprised to know that Pinterest can be very effective in terms of advertising by increasing brand awareness, traffic, engagement and thus boosting sales for your brand. By clicking on your ad, users will land into your e-commerce page, making your campaign successful.

Additional Tips:

Here are some tips on how you can do your best with your startup in terms of Digital Marketing:

  • Influence your followers and keep them engaged

Make your followers feel like they are valuable members of your brand. If they have any complaints, don’t be afraid to approach them. Showcase your brand’s customer-service competencies. As a brand (or even a startup), strategically win your customers over with the best products and good customer services and you’ll go a long way!

  • Don’t go for big investments on social media yet

We know how keen you are about spending on digital marketing to get the best exposure for your brand. But don’t go for big investments yet! Take baby steps and make use of Facebook ads, LinkedIn Premium, and Sponsored Tweets. These will provide a higher engagement with lower investment.

  • Your content still matters

You may wonder, why is content so important? Well, it’s because, through your content,  your message is being conveyed to your audience. If your message is not well formulated, there are fewer chances for you to succeed.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might be known as the powerhouse of social media, it’s still a good idea to make noise and connect with other potential customers via the lesser-known platforms alongside the most popular ones. Who knows, your competitors might not be using them and you could be the ruler of that platform? As a startup, you might have to worry about your budget, but keeping your marketing costs moderately low and financing proper digital opportunities are likely to bring you success. Improve your brand’s visibility without suffocating yourself on large budget campaigns.


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