Digital Marketing

Stop wasting your time telling customers “why”, and start telling them “why now”.

“Your customer is an omnishopper just like you, and already knows why he needs a product like yours. What he needs to know is why he should choose your particular product, right now. Consumers use their mobile devices to shop for just about everything they need in life. We’ll get you in front of them high in search results, in the ads they see, and even leverage their multiple email checks each day to get their eyes on you. Flint Tech Solutions Digital Marketing experts deliver your demographic, with tuned analytics measuring precise ROI on every action you make, allowing you to adjust your approach at a moment’s notice. Put your marketing efforts on par with some of the biggest companies in the world!”

Mark Brown

CMO, Flint Tech Solutions

Branding and Storytelling

Today’s shoppers are yesterday’s next-door neighbor, knowing the power of relationship in regards to life choices. Personal Branding tells them you are a good neighbor, and Storytelling shows them you feel their pain.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the digital age marketplace of ideas and opinions, where trends are born and die in a moment, as do reputations and businesses. There’s nothing like a proper social media presence for the ability to reach your customer at home, at play, and at work, with evidence of how you are the best choice.

Web Design and Development

You might remember the “Simpsons” episode where Homer built a website by slamming in every single object he could find for flash and attention. There’s a reason this was in a cartoon. Don’t be Homer. Proper approach requires research, training, and an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Lead Generation

We offer Intelligent SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, PPC Advertising, Copywriting and Analytics, all customized to bring your audience to you!

Success Story: is one of our most successful personal branding and storytelling projects. Get full insights on this work and learn how we helped to position and grow Simon Arias into thought leadership persona and motivational speaker.

Engage Your Customers!

Your customers are in front of digital screens nearly all day. They’re checking email multiple times, near-constant on social media, and even the most disciplined individual is checking up on news and investment reports at least once each day. Let’s put you on their screen–all day long—in ways that your customers will see, appreciate, and engage.

Empower Your Employees!

Your team needs the time to work. Digital Marketing does a lot of the work for them, and when Lead Generation is factored in, the difference will be measurable and amazing! Digital Marketing puts the world’s favorite communication medium to work for you, so that your team can focus more on turning visitors into customers!

Transform Your Products and Services!

We’re going to provide the awesome analytics, and you’ll know exactly what your customers have to say about your product, and if you need to change! You’ll be on top of market trends and moves by the major players which inform your next move. Our age allows you, as an SMB, to seize opportunities at a moment’s notice, capitalizing on every profitable circumstance.

Optimize Your Operations!

Step into the present and move toward the future, because your competitors who use digital marketing are doing that and passing you by. They’re eliminating much of the old-school market research, they’re hearing instant feedback with a simple social media post, testing products, services, and the competition while keeping costs minimal!

Since partnering with Flint Tech, it has been a complete 180 [they’ve] done an excellent job updating the technology in our business and continue to be available at a moment’s notice. Thanks to Flint Tech, we are firing on all cylinders with IT.”- Simon Arias, Owner and CEO, Arias Agencies

Simon Arias , founder of and President of Arias Agencies

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