Your Flint team constantly monitors announcements of new bugs as well as new fixes, upgrades to detection software, Azure security improvements, and everything regarding new and potential new threats, and our Certified Director of Cybersecurity demands we stay ahead of any incoming issues. We identify threats so that you don’t have to. 


You get to leverage our partnerships with Microsoft, Trend Micro, Lenovo, and other partners to recive the latest in data and intrusion protection. Virtual and physical firewalls stand in place to help shiled your valuable information, and the latest upgrades can be yours with a click.


Along with continuously updated protection awareness comes detection. Did you know that the average hacker takes minutes to get into your network, then leverages your system for 140 days before detection? We know this, and utilize the most sensitive detection software to alert any change or breach of your data. Our team conducts ongoing manual inspections of your reports and scours the regular status updates for any signs of change. There won’t be any 140 day wait with Flint guarding your data. 


According to your Management plan, if an incident is detected or a breach occurs, our response will be immediate, notifying you as your team goes to work on the matter. Response time is critical when it comes to any security breach, and we also employ A.I. to autorespond to threats, isolating them from the uninfected part of your network, and alerting all response team members.


Your data, software, licenses, and your entire digital platform is backed up with multiple redundancies across the cloud and if desired, Hybrid Cloud solutions, and can be restored with just a few steps, keeping you from losing valuable time in getting back to work. Often, this can be done without any interruption to business!

Leverage our strong Azure platform to provide yourself nearly unlimited digital room for

SaaS – “Security as a Service” reduces your pain of engaging some cumbersome security suite on your own servers while hoping to maintain updates and the addition/moving of new employees or clients. With us hosting and continuously monitoring your security, you can expect you tools, resources, and data to be accessible to you from anywhere, yet more secure than ever.  With Saas, enjoy

Identity-driven security

Front endYour and your customers’ data is protected from the start with innovative risk-based conditional access and multi-factor authentication.

Inside error protection – You’ll have visibility into user, device, and data activity on-site and in your Cloud, including notification of any cloud app use or abnormal behavior that could put you at risk.

Early defense – Head off risky behavior before it does damage with deep visibility and behavioral analytics. What mobilizes these defenses on your behalf?

  • Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1/P2
  • Cloud App Security
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Advanced Threat Analytics

Put your and your customers' data in the hands of the best

Our Director of Cyber Security has civilian, military, and government accreditation, and commands a team of dedicated technicians toward a goal of keeping you, your identity, your information, and your reputation, secure no matter what. Get in touch with us now and ask more!  

Content security

You’ll enjoy the classification of your data based on its’ sensitivity with Azure Information protection.

This protection is embedded into the data for ongoing protection that follows the data wherever it goes, even outside of your system, and defines who can access, view, print, or forward any of it. Here’s what makes this possible;

  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Information Protection P1/P2
  • Cloud App Security

Company issued and Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) security

Manage all the devices in any ecosystem.

Keep data safe without the need for registering the device for management.

Secure even Exchange and Outlook email and OneDrive business accounts. The technologies which make this possible are;

  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1
  • Microsoft Intune

Rock solid productivity

Enable single sign-on to any cloud and on-premises web app, including Office 365 and thousands of SaaS applications.

Enable access to applications from anywhere and protect with multi-factor authentication, conditional access policies, and group-based access management.

Enabling Technologies

  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Active Directory Application Proxy

Enjoy the security of knowing that your regulatory compliances can be managed here too, including GDPR, HIPAA, and HITECH.

Help You to Go Ahead Safely

With our cloud hybrid cloud platform and storage solutions, you can rest assured that all your information is both protected and backed up. You can even customize the backup intervals according to your needs, and our “deduplication” software ensures that no matter how frequently your data is backed up, duplication will be monitored for performance. In addition to that, from time to time, we test whether the backups are useful and retrievable by creating false system failures so that we can attempt to restore the latest information and re-enforce the settings. 

We are Flint Tech Solutions, your competitive advantage!