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At the end of this piece, I’m going to make a security offer to you, and you’re going to want it. You’ll click on this link to get it. Watch; you’ll see. First though, about your kids…

As a parent, I’m confident that you take your kid (kids) to the doctor for regular checkups to prevent any harmful conditions or diseases from hurting them. You also take them to the dentist so that they can keep their teeth cleaned (preventing the buildup of dirty, stinky plaque) and in case a cavity starts to form the dentist can take care of it before the pain of it brings your kid to tears. Hopefully, you’re visiting the dr. regularly for your own health, too. So here’s the way things typically go;


Take the kids to the doctor for checkups and preventative measures and if needed, treatment.

Take the kids to the dentist for checkups and preventative measures and if needed, treatment.

Take yourself to the doctor and the dentist for preventative measures and if needed, treatment.

but then you…

Completely ignore the cyberhealth of your team’s network because it would cost money to keep it healthy, and besides, the system isn’t coughing, so it must be healthy, right?

You can’t tell if certain diseases hit your bloodstream unless you visit the doctor because they work quietly in the darkness until the damage is significant. Sometimes, horrible things escape our notice for a while.

Remember the frightening number of stories about families and individuals being spied on by a landlord or in a motel and how long these individuals got away with it?

Even governments spy and are spied upon for long periods of time before the breach is discovered.

Are you being spied upon by something beneath the surface?

Verizon commissioned the “2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 11th edition”, a report so shocking it made our whole team do a doubletake when we read it. One of the stunning revelations was that 68% of breaches were discovered months or years after the initial compromise.

68% of breaches were discovered months or years after the initial compromise.

                                      MONTHS OR YEARS AFTER!

That’s a long time for a parasite to be buried beneath the surface, wreaking havoc without anyone knowing. Hackers don’t tend to install flash script to announce their arrival. You wouldn’t know when they breached your system until the damage was significant.

The Verizon report unearthed that most breaches are discovered by a 3rd party. As the doctor finds your illness and prevents worse, a cybersecurity manager would find your cyber illness and prevent worse. There is another 3rd party too, one that you absolutely do not want to be the party who discovers your breach; your clients. Even worse, the media.

There’s a high cost to doing nothing.

There’s a high cost to your physical health from doing nothing. There’s a high cost for your cyberhealth from doing nothing, and it affects more people than just you. Cyberhealth absolutely requires

  • preventative medicine
  • regular checkups
  • updated vaccinations

Scary enough, the Verizon report also revealed that the top external actor (perpetrator) group in breaches is organized crime! The top internal actor group in breaches is your system administrator! Who protects you?

Email breaches remain among the chief inroads of disease vectors into your system, and the Verizon report exposed the sad fact that people who experience a breach due to clicking on a phishing email tend to continue clicking on phishing emails! Does this describe you, or does it describe your team members?

It certainly describes someone in your organization.

Now the encouraging news; we have an opportunity for you to examine your cyberhealth now, and apply the practices you need to stay healthy. We want to help you be as vigorous as you can be, so like when doctors offer free clinics, we’re offering you a 30-day free trial of some very good medicine.

The Flint Tech Solutions Information Protection Package is yours free for 30 days when you sign a managed solutions agreement with us. If at the end of that 30 days you don’t believe our health plan has improved your cyberhealth in guarding your email, you can end the agreement without penalty and see if you can find support elsewhere.

Your Flint Tech Solutions Information Protection Package includes 24/7 personal protection management of your email system (no, we don’t read your emails or documents like the free services do, we just make sure they get to their destination safely), and;

  • Real-time protection
  • Holistic protection and trials of the amazing collaborative tool Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Sharepoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.
  • Safe Attachments utilizes advanced machine learning to protect you in real time by preventing malicious attachments from impacting your messaging environment, even if their signatures are not known! It isolates and examines attachments before sending them to recipients, nice and clean.
  • Exchange Online Protection protects your environment when users click on links by instantly examining the URL in real time, and either warning you of a risk in visiting, or blocking it entirely. Reporting allows you to see which users clicked a link and when they did it!
  • Rich reporting gives you critical insights into who is being targeted in your company, what types of attacks you’re facing, and the ability to trace and report malicious links.

Use this service to defeat malware, assure compliances, for data loss protection, and dress your server in armor!

This is a powerful and amazing package under the direction of Flint Tech Solutions CISSP Brian Rupp, and we’re happy to offer it to you for 30 days at no cost to you! Simply click HERE to start your free trial!

Update; we’ve decided to add something to our giveaway that you can get, and keep forever. Microsoft provided us with a fantastic Whitepaper on Shadow IT. In a nutshell, Shadow IT happens when you or your team tweak your device with any unauthorized piece of software, whether that software adds value or not. That’s the tricky part; if you don’t know what apps are being added to your carefully crafted system, you can’t know what they’re affecting, what data they’re moving, if your security covers their actions…nothing!

You can have this whitepaper just for clicking through, ’cause we truly do appreciate your time, and want to see you in control of your business from top to bottom!

Did you know…?

Managed Services are the best way to control spending in your company. The pains you’re feeling now over trying to handle all aspects of your daily business, like cybersecurity, operating systems, compliance, upgrades, relocations, and expansions, can drain your finances, morale, and the time you have available for your customers and the healthy growth you need.

It’s almost certain that you have spent money you didn’t need to spend, and lost growth you should have gained because you were spending time and resources in an area that was not the right use of your team.

Let Flint support you in handling ongoing services and special projects. We have the specialists you need to do it right the first time, do it efficiently, and without interrupting your business. Our managed cybersecurity solutions guard your business 24/7, and can effectively lower your overall costs of operation!

There’s a high cost to doing nothing. Don’t pay that price. Do something. Do business better. Ask us how.

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