Flint Tech Solutions Signs New Director of Cyber Security

Brian Rupp, CISSP to lead Flint Tech Solutions cybersecurity division

Wexford PA— Sept. 5, 2018Today, Flint Tech Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Rupp, CISSP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional!

“Brian is an awesome gain for our company,” said Kenneth Barrett, CEO at Flint Tech Solutions.

Positive Customer Impact

Flint Tech clients will benefit greatly from Mr. Rupp’s extensive background in developing and perfecting approaches to military, state, and private sector cybersecurity. His commitment to excellence as a leading figure in the security field tremendously elevates Flint’s ability to provide cyber and physical security. Already a superior, “born in the Cloud” security provider, Flint’s ability to provide top-notch security and security teaching regarding the safest measures for any given setting is now separated from most SMB providers by the presence of such a skilled and experienced CISSP and complete CISO services.

Product Availability

Flint Tech Solutions offers SMBs and Enterprise companies the rare and valuable circumstance of having all four pillars of Digital Transformation under one roof; Cyber Security is our first concern, adding Digital Marketing, IT Managed Solutions, and DevOps/App Support, eliminating the need for dealing with multiple companies, multiple representatives, and conflicting contracts. Lower your overall operating costs while receiving optimal care toward helping you do business better.

Founded in 2013, Flint Tech Solutions is focused on Managed Cybersecurity Services with a complete in-house team that supports it through Digital Transformation of business to Engage your customers, Empower your employees, Optimize your operations, and Transform your products, all while reducing your overall costs of operation!


Flint Tech Solutions operates in 6 countries, observing and helping clients maintain full national and international compliances, including GDPR, HIPPA, PCI DSS, and others. For more information, press only:

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