Don’t get stuck with cousin Wilbur, use Managed Cybersecurity

Dave had a dream; he started his own business.

Dave’s business grew quickly when he started a website and did digital marketing. And added an e-commerce option so that his customers could pay online. Dave’s family was so proud of him, and Dave was very happy.Customer satisfaction, marketing, goals, cybersecurity

Then one day Dave’s customer reported that her credit card had been charged for a trip to the beach that she never took. Another customer who lives in New York was charged for dinner in Colorado. After several more customers reported mysterious charges, an investigation was started which revealed that Dave’s e-commerce system had been hacked. Many people’s identities were stolen, and nobody trusted Dave anymore. Dave became very sad. 

Now, Dave works for his cousin Wilbur, and cousin Wilbur is…difficult.Managed cybersecurity, cybersecurity, managed services, Bad bosses

Don’t get stuck working for cousin Wilbur. Leverage Managed Cybersecurity and have someone constantly checking to see if your security is up to date, if there have been any breaches, if there are any weak points that need to be made stronger, and ready to respond immediately if something does happen in order to segregate the problem, minimize the damage, and restore your system to health. Managed security backs up your data too, so not even a fire will cause you permanent loss.

Take the Flint Tech Solutions Cyber-Assurance Package for a 30-day free trial, and rather than being stuck with him, have a great relationship with Wilbur since you’ll only be around each other for visits. 😉

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