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Protect Your Data

Information Protection

Information Protection is more important than ever. With data breaches and intellectual property being stolen from anywhere you need a solution that can give you control you need.


Identity awareness is critical today. The Top 20 actions of data breaches in 2018 is use of stolen credentials. You need a simplified way to implement but have in depth solution to ward of the on going threats.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection gives you real time awareness of attacks against your organization. Secure, Detect and Respond to advanced malware , zero day and phishing attacks in todays sophisticated threat landscape. With these insights you can block unwanted actors with a few clicks.

Security Management

Security Management  starts with knowing your risk quantitatively.  Then coming up with specific plan for your organization. Next you implement the security controls properly which will lower your risk, and then you need ongoing monitoring to detect, respond , recovery .  You can leverage experts who practice disciplined delivery of security management

Do you know where to start?

Are your worried about getting hacked or losing your information ?
Will the board fire you because your didn’t protect your shareholders investments?
Are you afraid of not knowing what your risk are ?

Cyber Security

Email Security

Emails are the main way through which viruses or malware enter your computers, along with website code or spam ads. Our cloud solutions allow your emails to be scanned when they enter the cloud, or we can set up a server-based scanning tool that checks for malware in the emails before they are delivered to the destination mailboxes.

Encryption Software

Encryption is the main line of defense that makes your data unusable to anyone who’s not allowed to see it. Our strategic partnerships along with advanced encryption algorithms and software helps us ensure that your information and files will not be misused even if they fall into the wrong hands. According to your preference, encryption can be done on both specific-file-only or a global basis.


To prevent unwanted people hacking into your IT infrastructure, a firewall is mandatory. A dependable, strong and secure firewall can monitor and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic according to pre-established guidelines; therefore it creates a wall between a trusted, secure internal network and an unknown, external network.


Backups are the main way to retrieve your data if you lose it. No matter how many precautions you take against your data being stolen, natural disasters or a mishap might cause your workstations to lose the information stored on them. This is where our excellent backup services come into play.

Assess The Risk

Assessing the risk is the most important part to having success in protecting what is important to you. Knowing the risk allows you to prioritize what needs protected.  Risk can be quantivifed so you can see the real business impact and like hoods of loss of data

Implement Controls

Now the plan is in place so now what? You need to put the plan into play.  The implementation of security controls will help reduce your over risk to your assets or business.

Create A Plan

Having a security plan gives you direction. Without a plan you can know for sure that you making progress in achieving your goals. Security plans can help your entire company know how to respond to attacks and breaches.

Monitor & Measure

Your need the support to detect the threats. The average time to find a secure breach is about 14 months. This cant happen and you need help to deal with the threats. Having a team looking after you while your working on your next big idea is exactly what you need.  To give you peace of mind you use the executive dashboard to measure your risk.

Our Events

Cyber Security 101

Cyber Security 101 will be webinar hosted my our Director of Cyber Security. His 15+ years of experience will help you and your team get up to speed on where to start your active defense.  Nov 8 2018  11:00 Est to 11:45 am

Digital Transformation For Pittsburgh

Digital Transformation For Pittsburgh is not just the latest buzz word. Companies are transforming their businesses to accelerate growth in the digital economy. We will share insights on digital trends and how you can start your own digital transformation.  Dec 13 2018 TBD

Help You to Go Ahead

With our cloud storage and/or physical locations where backups can be kept for the on-site appliance, you can rest assured that all your information will be stored at regular intervals. You can even customize these intervals according to your needs, and our “deduplication” software ensures that no matter how frequent your data is backed up, duplication will be monitored and reduced. In addition to that, from time to time, we test whether the backups are useful and retrievable by creating false system failures so that we can attempt to restore the latest information and re-enforce the settings.