As time goes by, more and more businesses shift to the “cloud”. The reasons are quite simple as the flexibility, accessibility and scalability offered by cloud computing cannot be matched by on-site data centres.

Using a cloud such as Google Drive or Microsoft Azure for personal usage is quite simple, as you are basically dumping all your files in a single place and using whatever features that specific cloud offers. However, availing the cloud when you are running a business is no easy task.

Many times, you also have to integrate other business tools into your clouds to be able to offer/use features that your cloud does not have. In that case, you also have to consider whether your cloud will support it.

All these tasks (designing, deploying, monitoring and managing) are made easier when you start using Cloud management tools. These are extremely strong tools that make managing your clouds a walk in the park as they usually show all the information you need in one place.

Different vendors provide different tools, and most of them have some unique features. Even then most allow you to manage your different clouds using that tool only, integrate third-party applications needed to install or monitor resources, and have dashboards to show you the current status of resources and detailed reports to give you an overall view. They also notify you when the consumption of a resource has crossed a set marker and all you to control the usage of users to restrict unauthorized access or overuse of resources.

Therefore, using the right tool can greatly enhance the efficiency of your business. If you’re wondering which one to use, worry not as we will be listing some of the most famous ones.

Cloudability Cloud Management

Cloudability helps you to monitor, track and optimize your cloud expenses as it’s a specialized cost management tool. It supports various private, hybrid and public cloud service providers. It enables organizations to track resource consumption and also gives detailed reports to properly analyze and distribute budge for resources in accordance to need.

It has quite a few features, which include usage reports generated on fixed schedules which you can share too, dashboards that show you all that you need to know in one place, budget notifications when the predefined limit of a resource is over, Reserved Instance (RI) planner so that you can properly provision Amazon reserved instances, alongside API access so that you can access your data from other tools.

vRealize Business

vRealize Business is VMware’s cost and utilization management tool for services provided by cloud computing. It provides valuable information regarding the expenses of virtual machines, and like cloudability, it also lets you manage the allocation of resources according to budget and need. Additionally, it gives important insights that allow you to make cloud infrastructure management even simpler.

vRealize Business can be used in many public, private, and hybrid clouds.  A special feature of this tool is that it predicts what-if situations based on cost and utilization. It then tracks the actual scenario versus the predicted one to understand the difference and therefore allow managers to identify the people who are using more resources than they should be.

Dell Cloud Manager v11

Dell Cloud Manager v11 is an effective tool that enables the authority to monitor and manage usage of cloud resources and spending. It offers great freedom to choose from a wide variety of cloud platforms as it supports various private, hybrid and public clouds including  Digital Ocean, Google Compute Engine, Apache CloudStack Joyent Cloud, etc.. Therefore, you are free to design and build an infrastructure that will suit your specific needs.

This tool also has unique features that include specific user access control to make sure every user gets access to as many resources as they are entitled to, encryption services, details about cloud expenditure to smoothly manage the budget, integration of other tools for monitoring purposes etc.. More importantly, it has even cooler functions such as self-servicing, auto-scaling and auto-healing of applications.

RightScale Cloud Management

RightScale Cloud Management gives you the facility to use one console to plan, install and manage your cloud infrastructure and applications even if they are in multiple private, hybrid or public clouds. Like Dell cloud manager, Rightscale’s one also supports many public clouds.

This platform provides service catalogues and server templates so that you can easily deploy machines; integrate with other tools including Chef, Ansible, Bash, Powershell etc. and manage several cloud resources such as databases, storage, firewalls and many others. It’s unique features consist of automated backups, disaster recovery services, assisted failover to efficiently lower downtime.

HP Hybrid Cloud Management

HP Hybrid Cloud Management is a cloud management tool that will assist you in planning, building, and operating cloud services. It provides centralized management facilities to allocate resources throughout the infrastructure. It also supports various cloud platforms.

It has been created to be primarily used with HP Cloud Service Automation, which is a business-oriented solution for cloud services. The platform offers centralized control to monitor operations and also generates reports to track performance and utilization of resources.

IBM Cloud Management

IBM Cloud Management is a tool that will let you allocate resources, maintain regular patch cycles, and get full accounts of costs and usage of cloud resources. It supports multiple cloud platforms including PowerVM, Amazon EC2, OpenStack etc.

The IBM Cloud Management platform also includes other useful products including IBM Cloud Orchestrator, IBM SmartCloud Cost Management, and IBM SmartCloud Patch Management.It has cloud showback and chargeback processes to enable metering, and it has all the features you need to have complete visibility and control over your resources and budget.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a tool that will allow you to have full control over your hybrid cloud. It gives you a centralized view of all your IT assets used in the infrastructure. OMS also supports various cloud platforms and includes Operational Insights, Automation, site recovery and backup.

Unique features of this tool include automation of repeated or manual tasks via runbooks and graphical workflow-authoring tools, security of users and servers by conducting regular audits, breach analysis, malware detection, and system update assessments. It also has some great backup and recovery features that are really beneficial.


CloudMatrix is a useful software that not only helps in managing the cloud services but contributes to multiple tasks in the whole cloud-based infrastructure. It is a cloud brokering and management software that helps you to analyze, compare, plan, deploy, allocate, manage, and control your cloud infrastructure. It helps in centralizing management of resources and budgets while supporting various cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure IaaS, VMware vCD 1.5 and 5.1, Verizon Terremark, VMware vCHS, and OpenStack.

The main features of CloudMatrix are centralized reporting for controlling the budget, detailed reports of resource consumption, what-if analysis and predicted scenarios, an app store, predefined policies to track over-consumption, and integration of third-party applications.


The main purpose of cloud management tools is to enable you to monitor your cloud infrastructure thoroughly. You can only plan your budget properly when you know the exact amount of resources that you need, and then you can also monitor which users are using more than they should be. Monitoring user consumption can be tedious when done manually, moreover, it will waste the valuable time of your employees that they can better use elsewhere.

If you want to know more about these tools that can help you run your clouds smoothly, check out the Cloud management services of Flint Tech Solutions. They have an expert and reliable team to guide you through every step of the way.